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Branding Yourself in Photography

November 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
As I am pursuing my photography career and going through the paces of getting my business fully operational and self-sustaining, I am finding out that the market is saturated with photographers.  With the use of more advanced camera technology in Android phones and iPhones, and the relatively inexpensive cost of beginner DSLR cameras in today's market, one might think that the need for photographers would diminish and be replaced with the use of today's readily available technology.  Nearly everyone has an Android phone or an iPhone capable of taking remarkable pictures, and some might venture to say this makes them a photographer of sorts.  I cannot argue the fact that I have seen some amazing images captured with a camera on a phone.  I, too, have captured some gorgeous shots, and to this day they are some of my favorite images. To the untrained eye this detail might not even be detectable.  However amazing these photos are, for those special events in an individual's life you should truly use a professional photographer.  With high quality equipment, an understanding of light, composition, and the uses of various settings on a DSLR camera ordinary images can be transformed into extraordinary photos.  Post-processing, as previously discussed in other blog posts, is the final touch that caps off the images to give that extra assurance that the images are the best that they can be.   For once in a lifetime events and special moments a professional photographer is a must.  Would you want to trust your wedding to someone with a camera phone?  Probably not...

I am finding that you can't just be a jack-of-all trades photographer.  There are literally thousands of those in your immediate and surrounding areas.  To try to make it in a market that is oversaturated with so many photographers marketing their business with the same basic photography services it will be hard to be noticed.  There is nothing there to make you stand out.  No niche to grab the attention of potential customers.  You have to have something that sets you apart from the others.  Although I haven't exactly established a niche per se, I do have specific preferences for the types of images I prefer to capture.  I don't do photo shoots in a studio.  Now, that's not to say that at some point in my life I won't do them, but that is not my preference.  Because my business emphasizes the Gulf Coast culture and lifestyle I find it is fitting for my images to be captured outdoors.  Lakes, parks, private property, the customer's backyard if they prefer, beaches, sunrises, sunsets.  Small outdoors weddings and gatherings... parties...private events... sporting events... engagement photos...couples' photos...just to name a few. I absolutely love using what nature offers us as my backdrop and creating a moment with outdoor surroundings.  Sometimes the least likely places end up being my favorites.  There are several locations in downtown Mobile that I have my eye on for urban style photo shoots.  I plan on making that happen in the not too distant future.  So many locations to choose from.  I don't want to fall into routine, typical locations where nearly every photographer in the Mobile area lands for their shoots.  I want to think outside the box and capture unique moments.

I do have a love for black and white images.  Sure, I take some amazing photos in color, but there are certain situations where black and white could highlight the moment so much better and give a totally different feel to the photo.

Although I haven't completely narrowed down my market to carve my niche in the photography world, I am working my way there one image at a time...  Until then, I'll continue my journey of capturing life's special moments and creating lasting memories for years to come...


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